Utzon Lecture Series 2014: Lecture Three with Jennifer Westacott

In this lecture, you will hear Ms Westacott make the case for an urgent new “cities agenda” that will equip Australia to respond to the massive forces of change already upon us, including digital disruption, demographic shifts and a vastly more competitive world.

Drawing on her experience in senior roles in the public and private sectors, Ms Westacott sets out a framework for shaping Australian cities that are globally competitive. Ensuring our cities remain among the world’s most liveable will be vital to our success.

About Jennifer Westacott: Ms Westacott has been Chief Executive of the Business Council of Australia since 2011, bringing extensive policy experience in both the public and private sectors. For over 20 years Jennifer occupied critical leadership positions in the New South Wales and Victorian governments. She was the Director of Housing and the Secretary of Education in Victoria, and most recently was the Director-General of the New South Wales Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Natural Resources.


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