Using AI as a Design Tool in My Architecture Practice

Unsure of how to incorporate AI tools into your design process? Follow along as I share my experiments using the text-to-image generative AI app, Midjourney, and see how I’m using it in my architecture practice.

It all starts with a sketch and an idea.

While Midjourney produces captivating images of seemingly perfect buildings, it’s important not to mistake them for finished work. Instead, we want to direct it like a sculptor shapes raw materials. The key to using Midjourney creatively lies in controlling the output through specific prompt language, rather than treating it as a mere rendering engine. Remember, AI is a mirror for your own creativity, so the quality of input determines the quality of output.

As you experiment you’ll start noticing small flaws or peculiarities in the images where things aren’t quite right. These imperfections can be harnessed to uncover new solutions and truly leverage AI as a creative tool. Cultivating the ability to identify these deviations and explore their possibilities is an important skill.

Using Midjourney can sometimes feel like a gambling experience, endlessly remixing and upscaling images until you stumble upon something you like. While there is a certain magic to it, it’s crucial to step away from the algorithm periodically and process these new ideas using different tools. For me, that means returning to sketching to synthesize and consolidate these learnings.

This process of transitioning from analog to digital and back again – for me – yields unique outcomes. By learning to direct AI toward well-defined goals, the results can be transformative.

Additional Prompt Info (blog post):

Download the Digital Sketching Tools:

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00:00 Architectural Sketch in Procreate
00:30 Midjourney for Architecture
00:59 Don’t Use Midjourney like this
01:23 My Prompt Recipe
02:55 Blending Images
03:28 Look for Aberrations
04:00 Sketching and Synthesizing Ideas
05:59 Schematic Design Presentation
06:22 Download My Procreate Sketching Pack

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