Urban Playspaces Conference: Ask the play experts, what do children say?

Panel discussion.

Case study presentations:
Sibel Çetingöz, Erdoğan Kahyaoğlu, Damon Rich, Jae Shin

Yasemin Çakırer Özservet, Tim Gill,
Cecilia Vaca Jones

Selva Gürdoğan

Play is actually a difficult word to define because of the diversity of actions we identify as play. Likewise, the child is probably the most complicated ‘client’ a designer will encounter because she learns something new every day while also changing in body and capacity; and it is almost certain that she will ‘misunderstand’ the design and climb up a slide. Also, childhood is something new in every new age. Then is it possible to design for children without talking to them and their caregivers? After listening to presentations shaped with words of children from Istanbul and abroad we will discuss new priorities.


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