I have some great typography inspiration and typography resources for you all today, you’ll find 7 hints for designers in this typography resources video.

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What’s up people, Tom back again with a new tips and tricks video, this time hints for designers regarding typography.

In this video I showcase 7 of the best typography inspiration and resources that I either use myself or could find easy access to. These range from websites, apps to physical objects such as a Wacom tablet or calligraphy brush pens. I do have a video on Wacom typography tips and brush settings, so be sure to check that out.

We all need some inspiration now and again, maybe there is a stagnant period in your workflow or you’re just not feeling it right now, there are various typography resources out there that can ignite the passion and love you have for typography, and which can instil a great amount of typography inspiration.

I did not rush in looking for these designer hints, and in fact I made sure that each one was a great adaption to a graphic designers work schedule and work rate. I hope you find my typography inspiration and typography resources useful and relevant, if you did then be sure to hit that like button and leave a comment with your views on this hints for designers video. Also, if you can share the video to any typography lovers that you may know, I am sure it will help with their typography needs.

I will make more designer hints and typography tips and tricks videos in the future if this one gets good feedback. But until next time remember to stay inspired with these typography resources!

Any ideas for future videos?? Comment in the comment section and I will look into it.

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