Tyen Masten (PHASE3) – From Print to Built

Lecture date: 2016-02-16

In this lecture Tyen will discuss setting up his practice PHASE3 after gaining experience working at high profile practices internationally. PHASE3 are currently working on projects both in the UK and overseas. He will talk about combining practice, teaching and research and how this influences the development of an emerging practice.

Tyen will be showing a number of current projects and discussing their development through designing using prints and patterns up to the final design and execution. He will explain how PHASE3 uses their mixed media approach to reach out into different areas of design – from print to built.

Tyen Masten, originally from California, is a designer living in London since 2004. He has taught at the Architectural Association since 2005. He is the founding director of PHASE3, an international architecture and design practice based in London. He gained his experience working in Los Angeles, New York, and London, and has a Masters Degree from UCLA.


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