Twinmotion tutorial, tips and tricks | Redesign the World competition | Dezeen

In this workshop, Belinda Ercan and Sam Anderson from Epic Games demonstrate how to use Twinmotion, the architectural visualisation software that is required to enter Dezeen’s Redesign the World competition.

The workshop sees Ercan, ​​product marketing manager for Twinmotion at Epic Games, give an overview of what Twinmotion is and what it can be used for before Anderson, a technical marketing manager at Epic Games, gives a 30-minute practical tutorial on how to use the software.

In the tutorial, Anderson covers basics such as how to import 3D files and export renders, how to insert materials and objects such as people and vegetation, and how to control lighting and add weather effects.

She also touches on some more advanced tips and tricks, including creating terrains and customising the sky.

The skydome tutorial that Anderson mentions at 38:47 in the video can be viewed here:
The FBX file she uses in the demo can be downloaded here:

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