Transforming North Carolina's Research Triangle – Setting the Stage: Kofi Boone

TCLF’s latest conference, Leading with Landscape IV: Transforming North Carolina’s Research Triangle, was held on April 13, 2018, at the James B. Hunt, Jr., Library at North Carolina State University in Raleigh. Topics explored include the regionally unique coupling of human and natural systems, how the area’s campus landscapes are serving as “incubators” for innovative planning and design solutions, new projects that are re-evaluating the region’s monuments and memorials, two revered public landscapes—Moore Square and Dix Park—and much more. To learn more about the conference:

Setting the Stage: A History of Coupled Human & Natural Systems

Kofi Boone, ASLA, Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture, North Carolina State University, College of Design
Legacies and Trajectories: Cultural Themes Framing the Triangle Region

The Triangle Region of North Carolina is experiencing rapid landscape change due to unprecedented urban growth. With so much change, what gives this region a sense of place; what is the Triangle Region anyway? This presentation will situate an understanding of the Triangle Region and its transformations in the context of broad cultural themes; The post-Civil War legacies of economy, race and class, the aspirations of North Carolina’s contested post World War 2 identity as “The Progressive South”, and the influence of 20th century efforts to connect the region to the global economy. The presentation will raise awareness of landscapes that reflect the lifeways of different groups over time in the Triangle Region, highlighting cultural landscapes built by and with African American communities. The presentation will conclude with contemporary cultural landscape challenges facing the Triangle Region as it attempts to balance its desire for inclusion in global networks while retaining local identities.



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