Toymaker: Modules and Systems (Giancarlo Mazzanti)

Wednesday, October 9, 2013
Wood Auditorium

Located on a mountaintop in Medellín, Columbia, Giancarlo Mazzanti’s Biblioteca España is known as much for books as the vital social programs it offers to the surrounding community. Alongside the Metrocable and Mazzanti’s Medellín Sports Coliseum, the city’s new icon was part of a plan to offer “the most beautiful for the most humble,” as stated in a conversation between the architect and former Mayor Sergio Fajardo in BOMB Magazine. “The poor are habitually given crumbs,” he continues, “but our proposal was to give them the very best.” In this lecture, Mazzanti presents recent work, with an emphasis on systems, modules, and a collection of original toys that will be on display in Wood Auditorium and Brownies Cafe.


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