Tove Storch: Reading Blue

Travel into the deep blue while watching this short video of the meditative performance by the young artist Tove Storch, where thirty-six people turn twenty pages of books containing twenty nuances of blue.

“Reading Blue” is a twenty minute performance by the Danish artist Tove Storch (b.1981), in which she examines the materiality and tactility of the color blue.

Thirty-six performers sit on chairs, holding thirty-six books, each containing twenty unique hand colored shades of blue. Slowly and their individual pace, the performers flip page by page. A quiet, non-linguistic reading investigating the complexity of color, while inviting the viewer to adapt and absorb the staged atmosphere of personal immersion. As an open and public gesture the reading transforms the introverted and personal mono-experience of reading into a shared aesthetic experience.

Based in Copenhagen, Tove Storch works with sculpture and performance to explore dualistic relationships between strength and fragility of certain materials, shapes and spaces. In her work, Storch combines architectural and minimalist forms in metal with fragile materials such as translucent silk and paper. Tove Storch sees her performances as a natural extension of her sculptural practice and defines the reading of color books as a kind of magnifying glass to see the qualities of color as material more clearly.

‘Reading Blue’ was filmed at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, during the Two Days Art festival May 2012.

Produced by Christian Lund, 2013

Copyright: Louisiana Channel, produced by Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, 2014.

Supported by Nordea-fonden.


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