"There is a practical side to Archigram, it's not just funny drawings," says Dennis Crompton | VDF

In the final instalment of our exclusive Archigram video series for VDF, former member Dennis Crompton explains that the avant-garde architecture group didn’t just want to create conceptual projects and almost realised a building in Monte Carlo.

Archigram was an experimental collective of architects that became famous for its radical architecture concepts in the 1960s and 1970s.

Although individual Archigram members have built buildings – before or after their involvement in the collective – Archigram famously never completed a building as a group.

Things could have been different, according to Crompton, who believes that many of Archigram’s ideas could have been realised.

“There is a practical side to what Archigram members do, it’s not just highfalutin, funny, pretty colourful drawings and so on,” he said in the video, which Dezeen filmed in London and is sponsored by Enscape.

“Had all been well, we would have built a building in Monte Carlo in the 1970s. As it happens, in 1974, there was a tremendous international financial crisis and our clients suddenly weren’t able to continue with the project, so it was cancelled.”

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