In this video, I’m going to talk about the plugins and extensions that I think are the MOST EXCITING in 2018! Some of them are new, some of them have been around for a bit, but these are the best SketchUp Plugins and Extensions that I think have the most promise this year!

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1. Extrude Tools –
2. Clothworks –
3. Unknown Mindsight Studios Extension –
4. Enscape –
5. Kubity –
6. Viz Pro (Af Link) –
7. VRay –
8. Wrap-R (Af Link) –

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Extrude Tools –
Extrude tools is an extension that has been around for a while, but something about SketchUp 2017 just didn’t work with it. It wouldn’t create faces correctly, and it just wasn’t very helpful. However, its now been updated for SketchUp 2018 and seems to be working great!
ClothWorks –
Accurate cloth simulation in SketchUp? Yes please! Sketchucation has put out several tweets teasing the release of an extension that allows actual cloth simulation in SketchUp. Release date not yet set (sometime early 2018 is what they said), cost isn’t known, but whenever it gets put out, I WILL be downloading it.
Unknown Extension from Mindsight Studios – A week an a half ago, there was a cryptic tweet from the guys over at Mindsight Studios stating that they have a free new SketchUp plugin coming out. There was not more information than that, but these are the guys that created Placemaker, Profile Builder, and Artisan, so if they’re putting it out, it has to be good. More info to come.
Enscape – I’ve done a couple of videos on Enscape before – it’s a realtime rendering program that quickly creates photorealistic renderings that you can walk around in in real time with a single click of a button. As I’ve started to work with more different rendering programs, I’ve really gotten an appreciation for how easy Enscape is to use. You literally click a button, it opens up the viewer, and it applies textures and settings based on keywords in the material names. Also, the rumor is that they have a material editor feature coming soon!
Kubity – Kubity is a 3D viewer for your SketchUp files that allows you to view your models in Virtual Reality. For any of you that have had a virtual reality experience, you know that being able to view your models in real scale is a total design game changer. Kubity allows you to view your models on your PC with an Oculus Rift or Vive Headset, on a mobile device with a Google Cardboard, or you can overlay models on real world locations using augmented reality. The desktop viewer or the mobile device allows 1 live model, so you should be able to use this feature for free
Viz – I did an intro video on this extension last week, and am excited to get further into this extension. Basically, Viz is a parametric modeling extension that allows you to generate true parametric models in SketchUp. This is a completely new feature that hasn’t been in SketchUp before, and as more tutorials and content get posted online, I’m excited about learning new
VRAY – I’ve been saying it for a long time, and it’s almost here! Vray tutorials have probably been the most requested tutorials on this channel. Vray is the industry leading rendering program, and I’m excited to FINALLY bring you Vray tutorials either in February or in March.

Wrap-R – Wrap-R is a new UV mapping extension for SketchUp that allows you to map materials to complex surfaces in SketchUp. This by itself is useful, but what I’m really excited about it using Wrap-R to map materials before exporting to either Unreal Engine or Unity. These really powerful gaming engines can also create fantastic rendering, and with the use of Wrap-R, getting models from SketchUp to these engines could be getting a lot easier.


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