The Fold – Part 1 – Andrew Benjamin, Greg Lynn

Lceture date: 1993-06-14

Andrew Benjamin discusses the nature of the architectural event in the light of Deleuze. How can the architectural incorporate an infinite range of possibilities between function and chance?Greg Lynn examines the ways in which the sensibility of the fold is involved primarily with systems of composition. For Lynn, a fold is a specific type of compositional gesture and organises forces and materials through processes of continuous differentiation. Composite order is produced by any number of stabilising, unifying gestures, as long as they are intricately related to the particular elements that they retroactively organise. Folding in architecture may provide a compositional sensibility capable of producing new composite urban and spatial organisations through highly differentiated gestures such as these.

NB: Some audio interference. Slight cut-outs at the beginning of Benjamin’s talk.


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