The Beginners Guide to Compositing

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The Beginners Guide to Compositing is designed to make you familiar with the fundamentals of compositing and teach you the necessary techniques to compositing images together.

2 Complete Photoshop Tutorials

Over 4 hours of Photoshop instruction taking you from the beginning to the end on 2 separate composite images.

3d Lighting Diagram Video — lighting for each shot discussed as well as a 3d lighting diagram for Floating Books and Going Home

Source Images — We provide every photo necessary to complete the final images so you can work along side the tutorials

Pen Tool Video — Bonus video included explaining the Pen Tool and the best ways to use it in Photoshop

Compositing For Beginners Video — 30 Minute video explaining the most important elements in compositing including

Fundamentals of Compositing

Photographing for compositing

Where compositing is used

Why learning to composite is important

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