TCLF: Leading with Landscape Conference Presentation – Panel I: Marc Ryan

Compelling and visionary designers and others examine Toronto’s international leadership in landscape architecture-based development. Provocative, headline-making speakers at this May 2015 conference in Toronto highlighted exceptional design and sustainability in world-class waterfront projects, the city’s extensive ravine system and it legacy of parks. To learn more about the conference:

The future city is not a distant possibility, but rather the subject of design that we can begin to establish today. With an increasing awareness of the importance and sustained role of public spaces in the city, every new project in Toronto should be a speculation on how that particular landscape can contribute to the future form, vitality, experience, performance, and resiliency of the city— the city that we ultimately want to inhabit.

At PUBLIC WORK, we are often working with the link between the past and future—using the design of a site to activate a renewed future from an existing context. This presentation will provide examples of some of our current Toronto-based design projects that reflect this ambition and advocate for the role of landscape and the public realm in shaping the quality of the contemporary city. With an emphasis on combining a progressive outlook with an understanding of the past in the context of today, these works explore an approach to projects for the city that build upon what came before. With Toronto undergoing astonishing densification, we are motivated to find ways to build the highest quality public environments that enhance new layers of public experience in which the past can be more fluidly connected with
revisions to the future.


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