TagsAlphonso Peluso

Massing Models in Grasshopper

This video will look a few techniques to create massing models in Grasshopper. source

Revit Lighting

This video will look at lighting for Revit Renderings. source

Revit Materials

This video will show you how to apply materials in Revit. source

Revit Rendering Basics

This video is one in a series that looks at Revit Rendering. This video will cover camera creation and Sunlight position. It will also...

Revit Sweep Blend

This video will look at making a Sweep and a Sweep Blend in Revit. source

Revit Revolve

This video will look at using Revit to 3D Model using Revolve. source

Revit Blend

This video will look in depth at the Blend model in place creation. source

Revit Extrude

This video will cover the basics of making Revit Extrusions. It also covers subtraction and union. source

Kangaroo Drape and Collide

This video looks at using Kangaroo Physics to drape a mesh plane over a solid object and collide into a floor. source