SubD Grasshopper Components in Rhino 7

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In this tutorial, we will go through some of the newest features for Grasshopper that come with Rhino 7. These are the components that allow us to reference SubD geometry into Grasshopper. But not only that, you will learn how to modify SubD geometry, select and extract SubD edges, convert SubD to Mesh, and vice versa. We will also cover how we can transform the rectangular grid that we get from SubD and convert it to seamless diamond grid mesh.

In the extended version of this tutorial which is available on our Patreon page, I’m going to show you how to convert mesh to Subd first, then using SubD faces we will generate triangulated panels with different offset values based on which height the panel is located. In the last steps of the extended tutorial we will involve Weaverbird plugin to get the panel thickness and smooth edges in the final output.

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