Studio Swine and COS create sculptural tree that blossoms with mist-filled bubbles

Studio Swine has released a movie revealing its Milan design week installation for COS – a tree-like structure that emits pale white bubbles, which dissolve into pale white mist as they burst.

The London-based duo – Japanese designer Azusa Murakami and British designer Alexander Groves – wanted their installation to be reminiscent of cherry blossom trees.

Called New Spring, the six-metre high structure consists of slender tubes that extend up and out like the branches of a tree.

Large translucent bubbles emerge from the ends of each branch. These bubbles burst when they come into contact with skin, but not when they touch textured fabrics – meaning visitors can handle them with gloves.

As they burst, a pale mist is released.

Like many of Studio Swine’s past projects – which include accessories made from hair and furniture produced from ocean plastic – the installation is an exploration of unusual materials.

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