Stan Allen – Strategies and Tactics

Lecture date: 2006-01-11

Strategy takes the long view. Tactics are local, immediate and time-based. Architecture is necessarily and traditionally compromised with the strategic. To introduce a tactical dimension into architectural work is to pay closer attention to time as a variable, and to cultivate the unpredictable. It involves thinking of a form of design and practice which is more agile and adaptable. It also serves as a means to describe and understand the range of projects that Allen’s New York-based practice, SAA, is involved in, from small-scale additions and interventions to strategic urban proposals.

Stan Allen is Professor of Architectural Design and Dean of the School of Architecture, Princeton. The work of his interdisciplinary collaboration with landscape architect James Corner/Field Operations was awarded first prizes in invited competitions for the re-use of Fresh Kills in Staten Island (2001) and the Arroyo Parkway in Pasadena, California (2002).