SMALL LIVING ep.2 – Small Spaces Lifestyle Show LOCKDOWN SPECIAL

With travel restrictions and lockdowns in place across the world, we wanted to do something a little different. This is Small Living, a special lockdown series featuring a new interview with one of our favourite architects, as well as collaborations with our friends, designers and YouTubers who share in our passion for small living. They’ll be teaching you new recipes, how to care for your plants, and how to better style your home.

0:00 – Intro
1:07 – How to make seasonal pickled vegetables
5:54 – Organise your kitchen drawers
7:48 – Keeping your small indoor plants clean and healthy
11:43 – Designer Nicholas Gurney interview

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Featured artwork:
Painter/Sculptor – Peter Kirk

To learn more about organising, and find more info head to Benita Larsson’s website.
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To learn more about plant care check out Plant Society’s co-founder Jason Chongue’s books
Green –
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To see more of Nicholas Gurney’s work:
Website –
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London-based contributor Celeste Bolte

#smallapartment #architecture #interiordesign

Created and directed by Colin Chee
Series producers Luke Clark, Lindsay Barnard & Elizabeth Price
Executive producer James McPherson


Horizon by Josh Leake
Time Travel by Onyx
Good Night Peleg by Yuvi Gernstein
Pure by David Quinzan
Eve by Eill
Twice by He Mocks the Universe
Summertime by Egozi


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