Sliver Windows: A How-to Guide

Sliver, or ribbon, windows have a particularly unique way of controlling the way we feel in a space. Used high in a wall, they wash the ceiling with an even light, making a space feel secure yet luminous and introspective. Used low in a wall, they create a dramatic shift in focus, highlighting and reflecting the adjacent ground color, material and weather outside. Used at or just below eye level, sliver windows create a carefully controlled horizontal framed view to the building’s surroundings.

In this video, I offer a primer on the reasons one might choose to use long, narrow windows. Also discussed are three primary wall locations and the benefits of each.

Archtiects featured in this video:
Heyri Art Village (cover)
Tadao Ando
Hernandez Silva Arquitectos
Thomas Shafer Architects LLC
Bernbaum-Magadini Architects
Randy Brown
Allen Bianchi
Eggleston Farkas Architects
Dorman Architects
Skale Building Design
Stuart Sampley Architect
Michelle Walker architects
Sharyn Cairns
yamamar design
ALTUS Architecture + Design

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