Slicing Your SketchUp Models with Slicer – SketchUp Extension of the Week #21

In this week’s SketchUp extension of the week, we check out slicer – an extension designed to slice your models into pieces!

This week’s extension allows you to take a model and slice it up into pieces, allowing for interesting new looks and options.
Plugin Name: Slicer
Plugin Developer: TIG
How Much does it cost? Free! (Don’t forget to donate to your developer!)
Tool Functions
This extension allows you to take any solid object and slice it up into pieces.
Please note that it will only work with solids.
The way it works is it takes a group of geometry and allows you to select the axes you’d like to slice it along, along with the spacing and thickness of your slices.
Slicer allows you to slice a model along the X,Y, and Z axes, along with custom axes.
Not only can you slice your model, but if you select the flatten object, slicer will actually lay out all the different pieces it creates as components. These pieces can actually be exported to a CNC router if you wanted to create your objects in real life.
Note that sometimes when you’re creating your slices, your model can get a little unstable, so make sure to save a copy before running slicer.

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