SkillShare Logo Redesign w/Alissa Metsnik

We asked talented designers from around the world to identify logos that they love to hate! In this episode, we review Alissa Metsnik’s unofficial redesign of the Skill Share company logo.

Should the refined, classic logo remain untouched or could it use an updated makeover? Let’s check out Alissa’s research and process to see why she thinks Skill Share can step it up!

This unofficial logo redesign project and video is made for educational purposes. The Futur is not affiliated or sponsored by Skill Share.

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Alissa Metsnik is a graphic designer working across branding and advertising. Originally from Estonia, she has moved to the UK at the age of seventeen to pursue her creative passion. She is a recent graduate of the world-renowned London College of Communication and has previously trained at award-winning agencies such as Ragged Edge, Manifesto Studios and Twelve, as well as an in-house designer at Adidas Originals. She currently works at the advertising agency Creature as well as managing independent client projects.

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Font: Euclid Square

00:00 – Start
2:00 – Why decide to redesign the skill share logo?
17:00 – Sketches
27:00 – Alissa’s new version
40:00 – More explorations
57:00 – Mockups

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