Skills for Future Art Ecosystems: Chris MacInnes

NB: This workshop is most relevant to people who are working with 3D already or want to get into game engines.

Are you a creative practitioner interested in exploring game engines, but have never used one before? In this workshop Chris MacInnes introduces you to Unity—a free game engine for Mac, Windows and Linux––by taking you through beginner-level, development workflows. Using provided assets, you will focus on creating dynamic behaviours i.e. making things spin, bounce, patrol paths and react to a viewer or player. These simple yet flexible techniques can eventually be chained together to create complex interactions and dynamic environments.

Christopher Macinnes is an artist based in London. Taking computing and networks as a starting point he works with software, hardware and organisms.

Please note that this workshop took place on Saturday 28th August 2021 and that this video is recording of the workshop.

To participate, please install Unity 2020 ( and Visual Studio Code ( ahead of the workshop. See ( for Unity system requirements. Please also check that you have a minimum of 4gb RAM, preferably 8gb.

Download provided workshop assets, including scripts, scenes and materials from github –

Skills for Future Art Ecosystems is a series of artist-led workshops focused on artmaking in the metaverse, in collaboration with arebyte Gallery.

As part of Future Art Ecosystems: Art x Metaverse’s exploration into virtual experiences and the infrastructure necessary to support evolving art and advanced technologies, Serpentine and arebyte partner to bring you a series of artist-led technical workshops focused on artmaking in the metaverse.

Video editing by Erol Yildiz, Sound Design by Alx Suutooo Dabo




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