Shez 360 – Billboards and Things

Lecture date: 2001-02-23

The art work of shez 360 reflects a keen cultural awareness as well as a sly sense of humour. Adopting the style and presentation of advertising practice, he subverts notions of race, culture, and difference, questioning traditional ideas of image and representation. shez 360 introduces the background to this work in the context of ideas of marketing and multiculturalism in the space of the city, culminating in a discussion of his billboard project in Tower Hamlets.

Shezad Dawood works across a broad spectrum of media and his works have been exhibited in numerous solo and group shows. He has initiated diverse public and off-site projects in the UK, Italy and India, and has devised and managed large-scale projects of intervention in London and Pakistan. Much of Dawoods practice involves curating and collaboration, frequently working with established artists, curators and critics to create unique networks of critically engaged practitioners.

NB: Technical problems with projector during first quarter of the lecture.



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