Scavolini's BoxLife is a "fully adaptable concept for micro living" | VDF x Scavolini | Dezeen

Rainlight founder Yorgo Lykouria explains how a new modular furniture system called BoxLife allows users to organise their living spaces, in a video produced by Dezeen for Scavolini as part of Virtual Design Festival.

BoxLife is a furniture collection designed to allow its users to adapt the interior of their home for different uses at different times.

The furniture collection was designed for Italian kitchen brand Scavolini by Rainlight, a design agency founded by its creative director Lykouria, who spoke to Dezeen in a video interview recorded using Zoom as part of Virtual Design Festival.

“BoxLife is a fully adaptable concept for micro living,” said Lykouria.

The collection is based around hiding or revealing elements with differing functions according to when they are needed. These elements are stored in box-like structures in order to transform and maximise available space.

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