Rotraut Interview: The Galaxy Inside

Meet an artist who has lived her life with an extraordinary connection with outer space, which is reflected in her mesmerizing work. In this video, German-French artist Rotraut demonstrates how the infinity of the galaxy is closely linked to the inner world, providing us with a great sense of freedom and strength.

“The approach to space itself was something, which always fascinated me. Always, I had this feeling of opening my chest and going into it.” Even as a child, Rotraut was not scared of the idea of space or death. She has always worked from an inner perspective and is “a big believer of the immaterial.” In connection to this, the Moon also plays an important role in her life: “The Moon for me is just like a dog. I have to look where the dog is, where the Moon is, every night.” When there’s a full Moon she doesn’t sleep because it fills her with great energy, and many of her paintings of the galaxy are done during the night of a full Moon: “Everything is connected to the energy.”

Rotraut Klein-Moquay (b. 1938) is a German-French artist, known for her unique drawings and sculptures made out of marble, iron, aluminium, bronze, wood or plastic. She has participated in several solo and group shows since 1958 and her work is represented in numerous public collections in the U.S. and Europe, including Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris. Rotraut met and worked for French artist Yves Klein in 1957, subsequently marrying him in 1962 until his untimely death in 1964. Rotraut is also the sister of German artist Günther Uecker. For more see:

Rotraut was interviewed by Christian Lund at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Denmark in September 2018.

Camera: Rasmus Quistgaard
Edited by: Klaus Elmer
Produced by: Christian Lund
Cover photo: Work ‘Sans titre’ by Rotraut, ca. 1972
Copyright: Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, 2018

Supported by Nordea-fonden



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