RIBA + VitrA Talk: 3XN

Founded in Denmark in 1986, 3XN are known for projects grounded in the application of ongoing research into how human behaviour both reflects and influences buildings and the wider environment. In 2007, 3XN founded a sister company GXN dedicated to innovative research into circular design, behaviour design and digital design.

In this lecture, we are joined by behavioural specialist and Head of Operations Susan Carruth and Architect and Senior Partner Audun Opdal, who shows how GXN’s research is directly fed into the work of 3XN to create some of the most innovative buildings in the world.

This lecture was filmed in September 2020.

The RIBA + VitrA Talks are an ongoing series of talks featuring emerging and established international voices in architecture, sponsored by VitrA Bathrooms. Visit www.architecture.com/RIBAVitrA to find out more.



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