Repeating Copy, Rotation and Scaling of Objects with Memory Copy – SketchUp Plugin of the Week

This week’s extension will allow you to repeat copies along with movement, rotation, and scale in SketchUp!
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One of the things that you will find yourself doing often in SketchUp is making copies of objects. However, sometimes, you want to do more than just make a copy. Today’s plugin of the week allows you to repeat an array of adjustments to an object, rather than just a single movement. Today’s plugin is called memory copy.
Plugin Name: Memory Copy
Plugin Developer: Adam Billyard
How Much does it cost? Free!
Where do you get it?
It’s located in the SketchUcation extension warehouse. I’ll link to it in the notes down below.
Tool Functions
This tool is very simple but very effective. It stores modifications you make to an object and allows you to repeat them.
For example – let’s say that I want to create a copy of this object, but then I also want to rotate the object, then continue making copies in this way.
What you would do is create a copy of this object. As best as I can tell, this only works with components, so make sure you’ve modeled this as a component (just right click and select “Make Component”).
Now, select your original object, right click on it, and select “Play it again.” Then click on the new object you created. Each new click creates a new copy of your object.
Not only will this work with rotation, it will also work with scale, so you can scale, move, and rotate an object then repeat.
This extension is very simple, it doesn’t have a whole bunch of options, but it does what it needs to do. It opens up a lot of new possibilities in your modeling, and it’s free! Download it and play around with it today!
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