rAADio Episode 005: Sleepless in Practice: Part 2

“Sleepless in Practice” revolves around the question: Do we really need to be sleep deprived to produce good architecture?

In Part 2, we touch upon the polemics of the so-called 24/7 society and its relationship with architecture, remote work, digital and physical economies, and the relationship between productivity and happiness.

Season 2 of rAADio is produced by Aahana Banker, Daniela Beraún, Rocio Crosetto Brizzio, León Duval, Dhruva Lakshminarayanan, Malavika Madhuraj and Hein Song.

This episode of rAADio was brought you by:
Max Lauter: Director and Creative Producer, Sound Design
Alex Hamadey: Sound Designer & Composer, Lead Audio Engineer
Anthony Sertel Dean: Recording Audio Engineer

Source by Columbia GSAPP

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