Programming Architecture – eVe | rain – Rain Simulation Tool

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Download the plug-in for Rhino here:

eVe | rain is a free plug-in for Rhinoceros 3D used as a rain simulation tool. Besides the fact that it looks very interesting to see any of your 3D models being covered with water, it can be very useful. For complex shapes intuition does not help when it comes to analyzing water paths. This plug-in will enable you to see how water runs over any shape (surface, polysurface or mesh). You will be able to see if you have spots where water stops flowing. You will be able to position your gutters appropriately and see what percentage of different areas lead water toward the same edge or spot. There is only so much that words can describe when it comes to a plug-in like this. So try it and see how it can help you.

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Have fun with it!

Milos Dimcic

Music: Atmostra by Cedric Baravaglio, Jonathan Ochmann and Zdravko Djordjevic