Professional Logo Design – Adobe Illustrator cc (SURFACE)

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Professional Logo Design – Adobe Illustrator cc (SURFACE)
Here is another very amazing Logo Design Tutorial. The logo has got two tone , that’s gray-scale color. and two layers, the lower and the top. The logo has some interesting design. Horse like figure on the top, on the bottom we have got some fire effect style and in the middle the entangled leg. We will be concentrating on all the aspects for creation of this logo. So to design this logo we will first use the ellipse tool because if you look at this logo, it is enclosed in a circular shape. So we have to maintain that shape and after that with the help of ellipse tool we will create out the basic structure of S. Then using the pen tool, create out the house head, legs and fire effects manually. Using the direct selection and the anchor point tool, create the spike design. Check out the tutorial for details.

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