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On this day in the life episode I’m talking about the problems and challenges of running an architecture practice. In response to a recent comment I received, I’m pulling back the curtain on the challenges all architects face but very few are willing to share. I’ll discuss my least favorite drawing tasks and a solution for doing less of them. You’ll hear about a difficult site visit and how I treat the construction phase as collaborative rather than confrontational. I’ll also update you on the Gallery House project, which offers a real lift lesson in how I deal with the problem of filling a hole in your work schedule.

My mid-day exercise break is a chance to educate myself and a natural divide between making things (more about my idea of business ‘assets’ in the video) in the morning and managing things in the afternoon. My hike takes me up and over Bald Mountain in Acadia National Park (the blueberry bushes turn red in October…amazing isn’t it?)

Here’s the podcast I was listening to while hiking:

Some key waypoints:
0:37 Comment that inspired this video
0:47 Morning (Making) : Drawings (the ones I find challenging + somewhat tedious)
3:02 Detail sheet
6:25 Hiking in Acadia National Park + my mobile MBA
8:03 Dividing Making + Managing (assets vs. time)
8:58 Construction Management + Site Visits (Collaboration vs. Confrontation)
11:40 Gallery House Update + the perils of sole practice
13:54 Things I don’t have a handle on (yet)
14:27 My response to the comment that inspired the video

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