ProArchitect #008 – Coding Evolution

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Did you ever hear the term “Evolutionary (or Genetic) Algorithms” and wondered what they are? In this video we are trying to explain, in simple terms, how the principle of evolution can be used for design and structural optimization.

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Music is mostly piano improvisation and in the Bacground you can here a sample of Reggie Wats from this event (under Common Creatives license):

In this video we used some photos, videos and sounds that are under the Creative Commons license. Here are the links:

– Person Waving

– Person Waving

– Crowd People

– Lion

-Crash Course Big History #4: The Origin of Life

-Crash Course Big History #6: Human Evolution

-Motility at the Origin of Life: Its Characterization and a Model – Froese et al., 2014

-Cell division visualization

-A Sea Biscuit’s Life

-HHMI-DNA Replication

-Debian evolution in 2012



-Variety is the spice of life

-Autoosomal Dominant



-Lions Family

-X-ray of the left hand of a ten-year-old boy

-Natural Selection’ cartoon (Darwin)

-A big family in Pennsylvania in 1916 -a

-IBM Computer


-Bored Girl

-Watson demo at an IBM booth at a trade show




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