Precision and versatility, Bentwood Boxes of the Northwest Coast peoples

Three Bentwood Boxes (Totem Heritage Center, Ketchikan, Alaska):
• Bentwood box (Tlingit), 19th century, 15.69 x 15 x 19.75 inches (box), 16.94 x 16 x 4.19 inches (lid)
• Bentwood box (Haida), 19th century, 17.75 x 16.3 x 23.4 inches (box), Hydaburg, Alaska
• Bentwood box (Haida), 19th century, 18.13 x 17.38 x 23. 65 inches (box), 19.88 x 17.88 x 4 inches (lid) Kasaan, Alaska

speakers: Teresa DeWitt and Dr. Lauren Kilroy-Ewbank
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