PLUS – Session 3: Envelope

Lecture date: 2013-02-27

Organised by Javier Castañón and Manja van de Worp

PLUS is a series of three debates showcasing the dynamics of the design process.  Primarily aimed at 2nd and 4th Year students to complement their TS courses the debates are also open to all interested attendees. 

PLUS was born to address the richness that remains hidden behind every design. It is here to reveal the unsuspected depth in the design process and discovers new horizons by placing people with different backgrounds in design next to one another. PLUS unites experts from different fields to express their viewpoint on a design topic in order to search for links and conflicts centred around a current design driver in architecture. Respondents and those attending the event will start the discussion following the experts’ contributions, and feed their own vision and expertise into the design process dynamic. 

The third and final PLUS event in the series will question the definition of the envelope and its purpose within architecture and design: from iconography, to increases in health and living qualities, to adaptive skins and how this drives collaborations between all different parties in the building design process. The panel of experts will present the envelope as an (inter)active skin that engages with a variety of environments, technologies, histories and people.



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