Photoshop Compositing using the Adobe x Keith Haring Brush Set with Shaun Ryken – 2 of 2

Check out Digital Artist Shaun Ryken as he uses the brand new free Adobe x Keith Haring Brush Set on Adobe Live. Over the next two days he’ll share his pro-tips for designing quickly and efficiently as he creates two unique composites in his signature style.

Keith Haring believed “art is for everybody.” Adobe does too. We’re celebrating the artist’s legacy with a set of free Photoshop brushes inspired by his original chalk, markers, paint, and other tools. Check them out at:
Learn about the Keith Haring Contest:

Guest Shaun Ryken is a Digital Artist living and working in Toronto: | Art Club Discord

Host Jesús Ramirez is a San Francisco Bay Area graphic designer/web developer and the founder of the Photoshop Training Channel on YouTube:

Join us LIVE on Behance:

00:00 Start
07:47 Starting work – working with Pixel Squid
12:45 Compositing elements into image – creating a pirate flag
20:05 Using layer masks
26:15 Adding shadows and highlights
31:01 Adding new composites and editing layer masks – adding a shark to the image
38:45 Composting in a parrot.
42:01 Painting in clouds
49:45 Creating and compositing a reflection
53:44 Using the patch tool
1:02:00 Using the blur tool to create depth in the composite
1:14:00 Applying a LUT to help finalize the composite
1:19:19 Adding treasure chest
1:30:07 Review of the PS daily creative challenge
1:51:30 Taking a look at Shaun’s recent work



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