Photography Masterclass | Removing Distractions

Welcome to Terry White’s Photography Masterclass – In today’s class, we will see how to remove the distracting stuff from our photos. People should focus on your subject, not the stuff that happens to be still in the photo by mistake.

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00:00 Start
00:24 Introduction
02:07 Today’s topic
04:25 Composing shots to avoid distractions
09:33 Removing distractions
11:20- Moving from Lightroom to Photoshop
13:20 Spot Healing Brush
15:12 Patch tool
20:50 Content aware fill
21:57 Retouching small distractions
25:40 Color and lens correction
26:35 Object removal and retouching
29:32 Camera Raw Filter and masking
36:34 Object selection tool
38:45 Retouching after Content Aware Fill
43:55 Cropping and spot healing in Lightroom
50:30 Removing distractions in a beach scene


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