Photography Masterclass | How I Would Edit YOUR Photos

Welcome to Terry White’s Photography Masterclass! In this episode, I’ll show you how I would edit YOUR user-submitted photos. You can submit your photos here by 2/3/2022 for consideration:

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00:00 Start
5:00 Browsing User Submissions
5:44 Terry’s Style of Editing
9:18 Straightening and Cropping
10:50 Editing Black and White
15:28 Using Portrait Colorize
21:40 Using Spot Healing to Edit the Background
25:50 Before and After
27:40 Editing a Tropical Boat Photo
30:50 Editing the Boat Exposure
34:05 Editing a Portrait Photo
37:40 Retouching in Photoshop
43:00 Editing Out Stray Hairs
51:08 Adding a Background Image


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