Photo Retouching with Fernando from Nobody – 2 of 2

Join Fernando from Nobody Studio for a photo retouching breakdown on Adobe Live! From raw photos to finishing touches, Fernando will share his workflow for retouching editorial photography in Adobe Photoshop. On Day 1, learn how to maximize efficiency and creativity as Fernando retouches raw photos. Then, stick around to learn how Fernando uses masking techniques, Liquify effects and Actions in Photoshop to finish his shots.

Guest Fernando from Nobody is a photographer based in San Francisco, CA:

Host Terry White is a Principal Evangelist at Adobe:
Join us LIVE on Behance:

00:00 Start
3:15 Recap from Previous Stream
7:35 How Fernando Finds Inspiration Amid a Pandemic
14:40 Creating Luminosity Mask Channels
32:15 Cleaning Up Stray Hairs
38:20 A Lesson in Reflective Light
42:40 Using Dodge and Burn to Retouch Skin
1:04:20 When on a Deadline, How to Refine Your Workflow
1:17:30 How to Know When You’re Done Editing
1:36:10 Daily Creative Challenge Reviews
1:47:00 Editing Hue and Saturation
1:52:55 Sharpening the Skin Texture



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