Photo Retouching for Social Media with Arabela & Elle from Weekend Creative – 2 of 2

Join designers Elle Mitchell and Arabela Espinoza from Weekend Creative as they share their protips on photo retouching for social media. This week, they’ll take you through their entire workflow highlighting how to simplify your editing process and how to execute your ideas using Photoshop!

Weekend Creative is a creative agency specializing in clean, artful brand photography. They create beautiful images that showcase the best qualities of your brand in order to help you reach the right customers through print, web, or social media.


Join us LIVE on Behance:
Check out part 1:

Recap/intro: 3:30
Developing settings in Lightroom Classic: 9:40
Making a gradient preset: 16:30
Using the burn tool: 19:40
Automate Batch tool: 23:40
Animation timeline: 47:00
Changing from Gif to Video: 56:30
Starting the Herbal Tonic project: 1:02:00
Content aware fill + Patch tool: 1:09:30




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