Phlearn Tee Shirt Design Template

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Download the Template Here

Tee Shirt Design Template
Learn how to use our free tee shirt design template in this episode, then create mock-ups of your own shirt designs!

How to Use the Tee Shirt Design Template
Our template will allow you to change the shirt color and design quickly. To change the shirt color, double click on the ‘Hue/Saturation’ adjustment layer and change the hue, saturation, and brightness.

To change the design on the shirt, double click on one of the smart object layers. This will open a new document with two layers in it. The bottom layer contains an image of a shirt. Use this layer to line up your design. The top layer is an example of a shirt design, in this case, the PHLEARN logo.

To change the design, remove the PHLEARN logo and replace it with your design. Line it up with the pink shirt on the lower layer. Then make the pink shirt invisible, save the document, and it will automatically update on the original template, wrinkles and shadows included!

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