Philip Johnson Ball Residence New Canaan, CT

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Philip Johnson designed a house for Alice Ball in New Canaan, Connecticut in 1953. The Ball Residence is historically significant because it was built immediately following the completion of the Philip Johnson‘s Glass House. Johnson was friends with a number of notable artists and architect’s like Andy Warhol, Mark Rothko, Jasper Johns, Donald Judd, and in particular Mies Van Der Rohe who’s considered one of the fathers of modern architecture. Van Der Rohe had a profound effect on Johnson’s work. The Ball residence is an example of where that influence is apparent. The residence is rational, minimal and looks to some of Van Der Rohe’s sensibilities in its clarity. The building sits on a 2.2 acre, partially wooded lot on the most coveted street in New Canaan – Oenoke Ridge Rd. The landscape and interiors blend beautifully as the division between exterior space and interior is obscured through areas of glass. The spaces are vibrant and delicately detailed. The property can be used as a home, corporate retreat, show house, or backdrop for still photo shoots and motion picture imagery. The buildings elegant detailing is unparalleled for displaying modern products. It’s perfect for corporate public relations and philanthropy events or as a historical museum. The home is located at 523 Oenoke Ridge Rd. in New Canaan, CT. For more information please contact Phil McIntyre at the Brand Gallery (on screen – 203 422 3890) and visit Sotheby’s dedicated website at


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