Peter Kitchen: “Re-Oriented”

Graduate student Peter Kitchen created the video “Re-Oriented” for ARC3033 — a Master of Architecture course taught by Professor John Shnier in the fall of 2013. The course, entitled “Piranesi and The Modern: Moving and Still: The Ecstasy of The Fragment and Triumph of the Imagination,” explored the idea that space is both stable and fluid. Students were challenged to pursue this idea through film and still images. The final projects were then showcased in an exhibition, screening and discussion with established artists and filmmakers.

Writes Peter:

“Our perception of space is relative. This film reorients the viewer of this space into a triumphed fragment of altered experiences using scale, hue, velocity and perspective to change ones understanding of the surroundings. It exposes new truths behind what film can show us and how we can use it to curate and understand space. The audio is designed in parallel as a separate experience to the film, offering another glimpse of a reality exposed through sound. This project was completed as an individual within the elective.”

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