Personal Public Space – Martin Rein-Cano / CANactions Festival 2017

Martin Rein-Cano / TOPOTEK 1 / DE
10th International Architecture Festival CANactions / #CANactionsfestival2017
Mystetskyi Arsenal, Kyiv, Ukraine. June 2, 2017.

Martin Rein-Cano was born in Buenos Aires in 1967. He studied Art History at Frankfurt University and Landscape Architecture at the Technical Universities of Hannover and Karlsruhe. He trained in the office of Peter Walker and Martha Schwartz in San Francisco and has worked with the office of Gabi Kiefer in Berlin. Martin Rein-Cano has been appointed as a guest professor in Europe and North America and frequently lectures at internationally renowned universities and cultural institutions. He also regularly serves on competition juries. In 1996 he founded the TOPOTEK 1 office. In 1999, Lorenz Dexler became a managing partner at the studio.
TOPOTEK 1 understands itself as a traveller within the fringe areas of the different disciplines, typologies and scales. TOPOTEK 1 is rooted in the context of the design of public urban spaces and the process of developing urban topics, but also undertakes excursions into the conception and realisation of exhibitions and art installations.
Martin Rein Cano’s work is rooted in the design of urban spaces and urban development plans, his key interest lies in combining various disciplines, taking things out of their traditional context and placing them in another.


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