Participatory Performance and After Effect – Theo Lorenz & Tanja Siems

Finding a common ground is often the biggest obstacle in urban and cultural developments. This presentation focuses on performance as a platform to bring otherwise disconnected parties together through applied events. The aim of these performances is to generate tangible after-effects.

The lecture itself is such a performance. As a culinary participatory experience the event will bring various groups of the school together around changing dining tables to present examples of performances as platforms and protest. Each table is grouped around a topic that is negotiated and discussed with the aim of creating new initiatives and lasting effects.

Tanja Siems is an urban researcher and designer. She is a professor and the Head of the Institute for Spatial Research and Urban Performance in Germany. She received her PhD in 2002 and together with Theo Lorenz co-directs T2 spatialwork in London.

Theo Lorenz is an architect, painter and media artist. He has taught at the AA since 2000 and since 2008 has been the director of AAIS. Throughout his work in academia, practice (co-director T2 spatialwork) and art, his main interest lies in the research and application of projects through a mediated design process within creative networks.



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