Packaging Design for a Beverage Company with Chris Porter – 1 of 2

Watch and learn alongside Creative Director Chris Porter as he works on branding and packaging design for a fictional beverage company in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop! Join Chris and help him bring his design to life as he sources feedback from the live chat to select his brand name, color palette, mockups, and more!

Guest Chris Porter is a Partner and Creative Director at Baby Grand, based in Memphis, TN:

Host Isabelle Poirier is Lead Graphic Design and Owner of IP Design in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada:

Join us LIVE on Behance:

00:00 Start
02:00 Intro of Chris
05:00 Project overview
08:00 Choosing brand names and products
20:00 How does Chris choose his colors?
24:00 Communicating with your clients
34:00 Creating character illustration with shapes
38:15 Is there a sketch phase of Chris’ process?
39:00 Tips for using the pen tool
41:30 What is a Bezier?
44:30 Book suggestions from Chris
57:00 How did Chris get his start in the industry?
01:10:40 Things Chris wishes he had learned sooner
01:19:30 Tips for working with printers
01:25:00 Designing fruit illustrations
01:31:30 How many projects does Chris take on at once?
01:34:30 How to conduct project research
01:36:00 What does Chris do when he’s stuck on a project?
01:42:00 How to get in tune with your client
01:45:00 Working with Mockups


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