Overcoming Creative Blocks – 11 tips for Architects, Designers, + Creatives

Architects and designers are under constant pressure to summon creative forces into action on a moment’s notice. We visit our clients’ homes or their building sites and are expected to produce the imaginative vision for transforming them into masterworks on the spot. Creativity lies at the heart of every design process — and it can be an elusive muse at times.

When inspiration escapes you, consider these 11 strategies for rediscovering your creative self.
1. The Idea Journal
2. Cross-pollinate
3. Exercise
4. Invent Obstructions
5. Play
6. Make it Monumental
7. Set a Deadline
8. Write
9. Consult the Masters
10. Design a Detail
11. Do the work

How do you battle creative blocks?

Please watch: “Inside My Sketchbook + An Architect’s Sketching Tools”



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