One Book EVERY Designer Should Own

A review of one of my all-time favorite books; one I think every designer should own. Part review and part personal reflection, it’s a continuation of my previous video on goal setting. As I struggled with my traditional goal setting exercise this year, I stumbled on a new methodology and consulted this formative book in my library about the life and work of Dieter Rams for guidance. It’s a book I think should be in every designer’s collection and in this video I share how it’s shaped my architecture practice and my approach to life.

I view books as the raw materials of creativity. Looking at and learning from the work of others is crucial to the development of your personal style and I encourage sampling from every possible source you can: graphic designers, authors, engineers, sculptors, every field relies on some measure of creativity. The deeper your understanding of what’s out there the more source material you have to draw upon and the more things you can smash together to craft your own style.

Dieter Rams designed more than 500 products over his forty-two-year career at Braun; he’s regarded as one of the most influential industrial designers of the 20th century yet the path that led him there was anything but premeditated. The happenstance of it is as empowering as it is unsettling. This volume explains the history and events that shaped his personal esthetic.

Be sure to add this book to your library for context, depth and to understand the true measure of Herr Rams’ contribution to the design world. Study it, not to replicate his style (you don’t want to look like him) but to see like him.

And a special thanks to my grandfather, whose counsel I miss each day, but who will always live on in my studio and work.

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