OFIS Arhitekti's Alpine Barn Apartment

This video shows OFIS Arhitekti’s Alpine Barn Apartment, a deserted cattle shed converted into an holiday home in Slovenia.

The Ljubljana-based architects saw the project – first published on Dezeen in June 2015 – as an opportunity to promote Slovenia’s vernacular timber architecture.

These agricultural outbuildings are rapidly disappearing through dilapidation so the architects decided to leave the structure largely untouched, adding just a series of circular holes to the outer timber cladding.

The perforations allow natural light to filter into the inner structure, where the building’s original timber trusses are reframed by a new lining of locally milled spruce.

In Carniolus’ film, a young girl and her stuffed dog conduct a tour of the Alpine Barn Apartment to a soundtrack of Slovenian folk music.

An old timber ramp leads up to the property’s entrance, which is set above a rugged stone base once used to house cattle.

Living spaces occupy the former hay store on the upper level, and a new narrow mezzanine floor inserted beneath the pitched roof.

Read more on Dezeen: http://www.dezeen.com/?p=847492

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