OFFSET: Sketching through the Animation World

Rachel Ashley will sketch faster than she talks through the ins and outs of the animation industry. With history as an animation prop designer and a current talent sourcer for Nickelodeon, Rachel will answer your questions about animation, recruiting, and everything in between.

Guest Rachel Ashley is a talent sourcer for Nickelodeon in Los Angeles:

Host Ryan Selvy is a live streaming Motion Designer in New York City:

Join us LIVE on Behance:
00:00 Start
02:00 What is OFFSET with Ryan Selvy?
06:00 Introduction of Rachel
08:00 A look at Rachel’s work
09:00 Where does Rachel scout for animation talent?
15:00 Important qualities for hiring animators
16:20 How did Rachel get into this industry
20:00 Drawing begins
29:20 What does Rachel look for in a portfolio?
31:15 What does the process of recruiting work?
33:20 Does Rachel require in person work or hire remotely
35:00 Rachel’s favorite Fresco brushes
36:00 Where does Rachel find her inspiration?
37:00 The importance of Shape Language + How Rachel animates
39:00 Hayden Patterson’s Demo reel
40:20 When does Rachel stream?
42:15 What is a Prop Designer?
43:20 Emotion in illustration
45:00 From This To That!
52:00 ART TALK: Spongebob Close-Ups
59:45 Different animation mediums Racheal has tried
01:03:15 What’s In Your Sketchbook?
01:16:00 MONKEY PAWS! Stretching for Creatives
01:20:30 Rachel’s professional history
01:31:00 Letter of the day
01:48:20 A word about type from Seema Surana
01:50:45 A recap of Rachel’s work


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